09 The Demonstration | Luis Jacob

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09 The Demonstration.jpg

09 The Demonstration | Luis Jacob


Title                The Demonstration
Artist               Luis Jacob
Year                2013
Medium          Two-colour silkscreen print on 410 gsm Somerset satin paper
Dimensions     80 x 80 cm (image)
Edition            100

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Jacob uses processes of visual association, framing and editing to liberate images and objects from existing systems and draw attention to the conditions of spectatorship. In a Material World explores concepts of the 'look' and the 'encounter', as well as the complex ways in which we relate to the objects around us.

Jacob’s exhibitions are carefully composed to create tensions and dislocations of meaning between elements. An arrangement of ceramic vases near the gallery entrance introduced the notion of an 'object world', a central theme of the exhibition. The ceramics are derived from the installation Habitat, 2005, originally presented at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto and the Kunstverein, Hamburg: Jacob reiterates and repurposes objects and images to highlight the ability of 'things' to accrue cultural and personal histories.

Jacob has created the silkscreen print The Demonstration, the ninth addition to WORK’s limited edition print series, to correspond with the exhibition. Referencing Jacob’s continued interest in the history of the monochrome and the function of the frame, The Demonstration enacts an encounter between pictorial representation and the void.