02 Giant Billiard | Haus-Rucker-Co

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02 Giant Billiard Detail.jpg

02 Giant Billiard | Haus-Rucker-Co


Title                 Giant Billiard
Artist               Haus-Rucker-Co
Year                (1970)/2011
Medium          Four-colour lithograph on 300 gsm Fabriano 5 paper
Dimensions    21.6 x 5.9 cm (image)
Edition            100

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Haus-Rucker-Co’s designs for inflatable structures, prosthetic devices and interventions into public spaces were also blueprints for social change and an experiential theory of architecture. Situating itself in the transitional ground between architecture, design and action art, the group was unique in its distinctive emphasis on the perceptual realm.

Their pneumatic projects aimed to counteract apathy and passive acceptance of one’s environment by distorting the experience of public and private spaces, evoking a “feeling of foreignness”. Immersive environments, bubble and capsule forms, and mind-expanding structures for private contemplation or forging personal connections all delineate not only specific physical zones but also psychological spaces. Haus-Rucker-Co also took a playful approach to architectural materials and strategies. Plastics—mutable, flexible, inexpensive, and with seemingly infinite potential—provided not only the material for many of their projects but also served as a model for the era’s futurist vision of a democratic and mobile lifestyle.

Giant Billiard was created to coincide with the exhibition See Yourself Sensing: Redefining Human Perception at WORK, 24 June–24 September 2011.